Warranty information

July, 2021

For all windows and doors installed before June 30, 2021.

Warranties: All manufacturer warranties will be in force as well as a twelve (12) month warranty on workmanship/installation. All product claims are supported by the manufacturer warranty for the individual product and should be addressed with the manufacturer.

This warranty does not cover damage or defects inherent in the environmental conditions or construction of the home, the building materials used for installation, or negligence in reasonable upkeep practices.
Product registration, if required, is the responsibility of the homeowner and would be clearly stated in the manufacturer warranty.

Andersen windows and doors have an extended workmanship/installation warranty to twenty four months.

The West Hartford Window, LLC Warranty is limited to the materials and workmanship used in the installation process.
Any and all claims shall be limited to the cost of installation alone (minus the product) and in no instance shall exceed the overall cost of the project stated on the dated and signed invoice provided by West Hartford Windows, LLC.